This is the blog’s first post and I’ll link to it from the About page in case you want to start at the beginning and just read on through. I don’t think most readers are like that anymore with blogs, but I do think part of the problem is most bloggers don’t think about navigation very much, they just think about producing new and exciting content to get eyeballs onto ads. At the end of the day, though, blogs should be about content. And my blog here serves in part as a sort of money journal. You aren’t going to get a full appreciation of what’s going on with my finances if you can’t start at the beginning.

So if you want to, here you go.

If you don’t, no harm done.

See? Easy. Carry on. 😎

A note: I’ll also mention this on the About page, but some blog posts here will be added retroactively because they are records of where I was financially at the time. I would love to be one of those people who is always on-the-ball about writing things down soon after they happen, but… this is me we’re talking about. Setting up a daily routine is one of the things I want to improve about myself, though, so hopefully this will get better over time.